The Computing and Informatics Course at the Public Technological Higher Education Institute “SUIZA” trains professionals capable of solving the different computer problems that exist.


Our Mission

Today the growth of organizations does not depend on the skills of their leaders, reality tells us that they also depend on various factors that facilitate, overcome and require innovation in our decisions based on the quality of the information we receive from a world globalized, therefore there is a need to have accurate information systems that adapt to our reality.

Why Choose Us

This need for optimal information systems is marked by the rapid evolution that the technologies themselves entail, in this sense the demand for specialist professionals capable of building said systems and connecting and managing their implementation is inevitable.

In conclusion, we are convinced that the Computing and Informatics degree that we propose responds to the needs raised as it allows us to train professionals capable of successfully entering a global labor market in which they will be able to develop a social analysis to preserve, validate and verify computer solutions.