5 Simple Techniques For baby diaper line

Difference of different quality of paper towels

1. Flexibility and water absorption are different.

2. The difference between the quality grades of paper towels mainly lies in the different flexibility and water absorption of paper towels. When the quality grade of paper towels is higher, the toughness of paper towels is better and it is not easy to tear, and the water absorption is very strong, even after Qinshui.

Difference of tissue quality

The first-class toilet paper requires no toxic chemicals, the first-class toilet paper requires no raw materials that are irritating to the skin, and the qualified toilet paper requires no mold virus bacteria residue.

baby diaper line of tissue quality

Ordinary white tissue paper is divided into: excellent products, first-class products and qualified products.

They are different in brightness, softness, water absorption and toughness, and the top-grade products are the best, the first-class products are the second, and the qualified products are the worst.

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