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Baby playpens are designed to help parents keep their babies safe and contained while providing a space for them to play and explore. The recommended age range for use of playpens varies between manufacturers and models, but they are generally intended for use by children up to around 2 years of age.

Younger babies, usually under 6 months, may benefit from being placed in a playpen while a parent or carer does something else nearby. However, foldable baby playpen to remember that babies under 6 months should always be supervised and should never be left alone in a playpen for long periods of time.

As babies start to grow and become more mobile, usually around 6-8 months, playpens become more useful. They provide a safe and secure area for babies to play and crawl in, without the risk of them wandering into unsafe areas or crawling away. As a parent, you can place toys or objects in the playpen for your baby to explore and play with, while still keeping a close eye on them.

As babies continue to grow and develop, they may outgrow their playpen. This can happen at around 12-24 months, when they may be too big or too active for the playpen to keep them contained. At this point, it may be more appropriate to move to a toddler play yard or gate, which provide a larger play area for toddlers to explore while still being safely contained.

Overall, baby playpens are a useful tool for parents with young children. They provide a safe and enclosed space for babies to play, explore and learn while still under the watchful eye of a parent or carer. It’s important to note that playpens should be used as a supplement to supervised playtime, rather than a replacement, and should be used within the manufacturer’s recommended safety guidelines.

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