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Why are reflective signal important for traffic safety?

According to the statistics, the lives of approximately 1,300,000 people die as a result of road traffic crashes each year from 2020.
Between more 20,000,000 – 50,000,000 people injured to cause a disability as a result of road road traffic crashes. Those data are huge and terrible. We can not?emphasize?the?importance?of?traffic?safety?too much.?

A large number of road traffic accidents not only shorten the average life expectancy of people, but also cause huge economic losses to individuals, families and the country. These losses come from the cost of treatment and lost productivity for those disabled by injuries and family members who need to take time off or go to school to care for the injured. The cost about most countries 3% of their gross domestic product.

In ECE104R to reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents, how to improve the safety of people traveling at night has become a global issue, so people have developed reflective materials to make road signs.
Increasing reflective signs on road, this??is?a powerful?guarantee strategy?to prevent traffic crashes and more safer in night for drivers.

The reflection principle of reflective products is: the glass beads, microprisms on reflective sheeting. These materials bend light, so it comes back to the source, vehicle headlights reflect to make the signs appear brighter and easier to see.

People should replace road signs, roadway signs and parking lot signs, kinds of warning signs to be reflective signs. High reflective signs offer greater visibility and safety every second even in dark night. Increases the visibility of signs at all times, saving more lives in the world. The benefit of compliant, high-performing reflective sheeting for traffic signs can not be overrated.

During road construction and traffic control, reflective signs can also play an important role, timely reminding drivers ahead to slow down or change lanes, making traffic management easier to implement.

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