Fully Automatic Wire Drawing Machine With Micro Rolling Cassettes

Wire Drawing Machine is also called a wire pulling machine, or a wire drawing machine. Through the working principle of a wire drawing machine, thick metal wires are drawn into the required thickness wires. Most of the products that are produced by our brand CRM wire drawing machines are used in industries that require extremely high precision, such as the aerospace and petroleum industries. We can manufacture ultra-fine wires with micro-scale diameters and widths this way. Whether round, flat, or custom-shaped, each wire spool is meticulously wound to guarantee a consistent tolerance and ensure optimum downstream performance. Due to our wide alloy selection, we offer round wire coils and spools with tight tolerances that are suitable for applications ranging from military connectors to EMI/RFI shielding.


The following is an overview of the Wire Drawing Machines Nickel Silver Wire Drawing Machine used to manufacture titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, and titanium welding wire.

Wire Drawing Machine Nickel Silver Wire Drawing Machine for titanium welding wire

Brand: CRM

Model: CRM-TI-2023

 The overview for the CRM-TI-2023 Wire Drawing Machine Titanium Alloy Wire Drawing Machine

A project to design, manufacture and supply a cold drawing line/lines for Ti wire with diameters of 1.0 to 6.0 mm.

Scope and Field of Application

CRM-TI-2023 Wire Drawing Machine Line consists of a cold rolling and pulling process that draws titanium wire (single, double, triple, or quadruple deformation) and all associated operations before and after drawing.

 The Wire Drawing Machine Line shall comprise the following equipment

1.Rotary uncoiler;

2.Straightening machine to straighten coil end;

3.Slendering machine

4.System for application and collection of liquid process lubricant (synthetic oil);

5.Drawing machine with micro rolling cassette;

6.Automatic diameter and out-of-roundness measurement system;

7.Take-up drum for drawn wire;

8.Take-off drum for drawn wire;

9.System for removal of oil and dust


As you can see above, each Drawing Stage is equipped with a micro roller die instead of a traditional wire drawing die.

Wire Drawing Machines feature Micro Rolling Cassette Micro Rolling Cassettes. Why are they configured this way Micro Rolling Cassettes?

When the Micro Rolling Cassette Cold Rolling Cassette replaces the wire drawing die, the speed of the wire drawing machine Titanium Alloy Wire Production Equipment can be increased within the equipment’s limits, the metallographic structure of the finished steel wire is more uniform, and the wire quality is improved. With multiple drawings, some products can be annealed more quickly or even cancelled; at the same time, roller pressing replaces drawing, which consumes less energy, reduces friction, and improves surface cleanliness at the same time. Consequently, after more than ten years of market testing, this new product has become a mature product and is widely used in the steel wire and titanium wire, titanium alloy wire, and titanium welding wire industry throughout the world.

For comprehensive information on wire drawing and related equipment, as well as titanium wire production machinery, please visit this Wire drawing machine

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